Over a decade ago, Ukguitarstrings began selling strings and accessories for electric and acoustic guitars online.

It became apparent that although High street shops and other businesses were doing the same thing with strings, it was more difficult to get other essential guitar spare parts, especially locally. Armed with this information, we made a decision to source pickups and parts from reliable suppliers, enabling us to sell these online with fast Free UK delivery to your door. If you are modifying your own instrument, or carrying out a repair, you will definitely have the need for a quick reliable service for your guitar spares. Whether you are setting up the action on your acoustic, or replacing pots and pickups on an an electric, we can help. The parts we supply are of excellent quality and are often seen as standard equipment on some of the well known 'branded' guitars.

From experience, the fact that a lot of people will baulk at the idea of anything that is not in a sealed bag with a big 'Fender' or 'Gibson' logo on the label, points to there being a lack of understanding on which items are manufactured in which factories. For example, quality has improved immensely over the last few years and you can now get a very playable guitar from the far east for not much money. A lot of these guitars and their parts have much in common with the 'brands' as it were. Cheap no longer has the tag of poor quality, in fact a lot of the items we supply are made in the same buildings as many of the big names and come at a far more attractive price. 

Acrylic guitar knobs and plastic scratchplates etc, you can probably appreciate are not that much different from one brand to another in many cases. However, even budget metal hardware parts such as bridges, machine heads and pickups are now of great quality and perfect for any project or general repair task, even a custom build. 

Shop with us for guaranteed quality at great prices and get Free Uk delivery.

In the workshop, we also do setups, restringing, handcraft wood parts, make cigar box guitar pickups and we build cigar box guitars too.

We are based in the East Midlands.

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